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The SDP security model has been shown to stop all forms of network attacks including DDoS, Man-in-the-Middle, Server Query (OWASP10) as well as Advanced Persistent Threat


SDP enables organizations to provide people-centric, manageable, secure and agile access to networked systems. It is easier and less costly to deploy than firewalls, VPN concentrators and other bolt-in technologies


Legacy, perimeter-based security models are ineffective against attacks. Security and risk pros must make security ubiquitous throughout the ecosystem

About Invisily

Due to the prevalence of telecommuting, cloud computing and BYOD the IT perimeter of the modern enterprise no longer corresponds to the traditional IT perimeter defended by firewalls and NAC devices. Today’s enterprise needs to define its IT perimeter in a flexible, agile and secure manner. The Invisily software defined perimeter (SDP) technology is the answer to this need. It provides levels of security and flexibility that far exceed traditional security architectures at much lower overall costs.

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What is Invisily?

Invisily is a zero-trust network security model that dynamically creates identity-centric one-to-one network connections between users and the resources they access.



Zero-Trust Model

Invisily abstracts the network topology and builds a zero-trust network where all resources are invisible and access to resources must be explicitly granted. It essentially creates a ‘dark cloud’ that is invisible to port scanners. Attackers cannot attack what they cannot see. This dramatically reduces the attack surface.


Authentication Before Connection

All entities requesting a network connection are authenticated before a TCP connection request is accepted from them. This along with invisibility to the outside world provides robust protection against DDoS attacks


Simplifies Network Security

Eases the operational burden of traditional network security and at the same time simplifies the environment. The burden on firewalls and network security devices is dramatically reduced and traditional VPNs are no longer required.


Disrupting the Kill Chain

Even if an endpoint gets compromised - due to social engineering, for instance - lateral movement is prevented by the invisibility of other nodes in the network.


Identity Based Access

All user devices are authenticated, authorized and verified for every packet and not only on initial access.


Seamless User Experience

The access is delivered through a single connection rather than multiple agents and gateways. Users can access the authorized resources from anywhere in the world.

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